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When you think about it, your office equipment drives your business operations. Without reliable and hard-working equipment, it’s impossible to run a business efficiently. Printing, scanning and faxing are fundamental to the functionality and productivity of your daily operations. So we provide the very best solutions to improve document output and workflow processes.Business Techs partners with Toshiba—the industry’s most innovative and awarded office equipment manufacturer. With more than 135 years of success, Toshiba has pioneered many technologies that are now industry standards. Toshiba’s commitment to “Leading Innovation” is a testament to their dedication and reliability, and we are proud to be an Authorized Toshiba Dealer.

Toshiba Black and White MFP
The go-to for most businesses

Black & white MFPs

Monochrome printing is often the default printing option for most companies. Black and white printing is the most affordable way to produce high-quality documents at record speeds. For businesses seeking to maximize savings without sacrificing quality, monochrome printing is the best choice. All of our monochrome printing solutions provide the all-in-one convenience to print, copy, scan, and fax, from a single reliable device.

Toshiba Color MFP
Stand out from the competition

Color MFPs

If you really want your business documents to stand out from the competition, color printing is the way to go. Color printing offers a wide array of benefits for small and large businesses—including attracting attention, increasing sales, and reducing your reliance on over-priced print shops. In-house color printing is more affordable than ever and gives you the flexibility to print, copy, scan, and fax with professional-level quality at affordable prices.

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